Postural Assessment

Posture is defined as the position our body is in with standing, sitting and lying down. It is everything we do in our daily lives. When our posture is aligned correctly our joints, muscles and bones can work effortlessly and in perfect unison, efficiently and without pain and injury.

One misalignment in your bodies mechanics and posture can lead to a complete postural difference and therefore the body will not work efficiently causing other areas to work harder and cause pain and injury.

For example..... a defect in your right foot can cause postural issues all the way up to your left shoulder, This is why postural assessments are VITAL and are carried out to identify these misalignments and will give the therapist the information to plan treatment and exercises to right the wrongs.

The world we live in is a sitting world , a world the human body was designed for; we are designed to move... sitting behind the desk will simply cause the lower body to be inactive and therefore the upper body will be overactive causing overcompensation and injury.. it’s a matter of when not if.

How can we fix it?.

Once you have been assessed detailed stretches and exercises will be given to counteract the issues you have adapted to overtime.


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