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Why MiBodyX?

At MiBodyX we are devoted to helping the stereotypical aches, pains and stress related injuries due to the work related stress put upon employees through their working life. With our professional, qualified and motivated therapists we can help all employees become pain free and enhance their optimal health and wellbeing. With our ability to "assess, treat and rehab" all your injuries will be in the right hands to take your aches and pains away.

At mibodyx our mission is to supply specialised sports therapy treatments to comrporate companies and their employees. With our wide range of wellbeing treatments we can help prevent and treat musculoskeletal injuries both caused and made worse at work. Bringing qualified and insured therapists with complete convenience.

We understand that employee wellness is key for businesses, with our specialist and bespoke offerings we can improve both employee and business/company productivity!

Corporate massage is when qualified therapists perform a range of specialised services to company offices and their employees. The therapist will arrive with full equipment and only requires a space to set up both a traditional couch and a office base seated chair for specific treatments. A range of treatments and assessments such as sports/deep tissue massage, cupping therapy and postural assessments can be provided in the confines of a private room or at your desk; treatments can be performed fully clothed. Treatment will consists of: postural assessment, bespoke treatments and/or tailored stretches/exercises.

We can assess your employees working environment and offer expert advice on how to get the most out of your employees by making them more comfortable by ensuring the are sat in the most optimum position.

Corporate massage is beneficial to both employee and company, wellbeing massage is designed to provide accessible treatments to those who would benefit from such treatments but can not attend out of work hours. Sports massage and additional treatments can benefit the employee physically, physiologically and psychologically enhancing the employees overall wellbeing and health.

Benefits will include issues such as posture and stress. In doing so increases moral and productivity can be achieved in the workplace.

● Relieves muscle tension
● Relieves back, neck and shoulder pain
● Relieves headaches
● Improves blood flow
● Boosts immune system
● Increase energy
● Reduces stress
● Reduces anxiety and depression
● Prevents overuse/ repetitive strain
● Enhance focus and concentration
● Reduce health care costs

● Increase employee productivity
● Improve team morale
● Prevents staff turnover
● Prevents absenteeism
● Attract new staff
● Reduce cost for health care
● Investment


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